*** Here’s a really good reminder of one of THE most important things it takes to be successful in MLM/Network Marketing as pointed out here by top income earner, Mike Klingler. What Mike points out here is such a  ” reality check “, that I just had to share this.


I’m often asked what I think about MLM, Network Marketing, and other ‘make money’ online opportunities. Hear are the facts as I perceive them:

MLM, Network Marketing and ‘money-making’ systems work… but not in the way they are usually marketed.

The marketing message is often showing people flashing checks, but that is a small percentage of people (should be obvious). Flashing those checks is
no different than an NBA super star flashing his check. That doesn’t make it a scam, but it does seem tactless and cheesy.

So, they work… just like becoming a million-dollar per year salaried CEO works. But does every CEO make millions per year? Does everyone who tries out for the NBA make the cut?

Like anything, you need skills.

The only difference about MLM, Network Marketing and money-making opportunities as compared to other industries is in MLM everyone is told it will work for them (only a small percentage of leaders in the industry mention the work involved). You’d think everyone would just know… but surprisingly it’s not obvious to many who join.

So, it’s true you can succeed big in MLM, Network Marketing or money making programs.. as it is true in just about any industry (like the NBA)… but only IF you have the needed skills.

And those don’t come nearly as cheap as the entry cost.

If  you’re an employee, how much income you make is still decided by your employer (how much they’re willing to pay you) and you still have to be at a certain place (usually an office or some place of business) at a certain time for a certain amount of time at least 5 days a week (maybe more).

I recently had an interesting online conversation with someone in my FB friends list. He read an article that (some people would even go so far as to call it more of a  ” diatribe “) written by someone other than myself that I posted because I thought it was an interesting perspective that the author presented. And I did the right thing by giving the author of the article credit by pointing out that it WAS written by him and not myself. In a nutshell, the author of the article/editorial more or less lambasted the way that we’re  ” programmed ” at an early age to be just another of the millions of  ” robots ” that spend 12 years of their life in school so that they can then prepare themselves to go to college to then prepare themselves for a life of working as an employee whose income is limited to what someone else (their employer) is willing to pay them rather than venture into a life as an entrepreneur whose income is determined by themselves.

Here’s a transcript of part of the conversation:

MF (my friend):  ” Wow! That was a total bunch of B.S. I can see exactly who it’s aimed at however (entrepreneurs like you and myself). To each their own. I wish you knew _______, the man who founded the company I work for in his early-mid twenties. There’s a man to look up to as an example! So totally opposite from this line of thought. ”

Myself:  ” ______, I’m sorry to see that bothered you so much!! Go grab an Arrogant Bastard (one of his favorite beers/ales)!! lol ”

MF:  ” It didn’t bother me at all! It really kind of cracked me up and feel sorry for all the “Sheep”. Funny thing is that the so-called “Sheep”, at least the folks you think are sheep, are actually the border collies!! ”

Myself:  ” The author of the article thinks that employees are sheep, _____. I said it’s a good article. I didn’t refer to anybody as being ” sheep “. ”

And then was clever enough to remember what I’ve written about myself at the bottom of this page and point it out to me!!

MF:   ” ‘I am a person with an entrepreneurial spirit who’s very passionate about having a successful home based business, refusing to settle for being just another one of the sheep(also known as members of the ” rat race ” ), and helping others to reach the dream lifestyle and freedom that comes as a result of lots of hard work and dedication to reaching those dreams.’ ”

Myself:  “I’m impressed that you bothered to look that up and point it out to me/put me in my place (so to speak)!! lol ……………. Well, sheep, border collies, whichever analogy you want to use. You’re still limited to making as much money as ______ is willing to pay you. And both of us and many others also have to be at a certain place at a certain time 5 days a week (maybe more). Wouldn’t you agree? Hmmmm? ”

MF:  ” Baaaaahhhh… ”

Myself:  ” You’re right. Right now I AM still one of the ” sheep “. But like that quote of mine that you bothered to remind me of, I’m not happy about it. In fact, it sucks!! ”

MF:  ” Am I a sheep? ”

Myself:  ” What do you think? After all, _____: what I think doesn’t matter, does it? All that really matters is what YOU think. And you knew that (the answer to his question) before you even typed out that question. ”

MF:  ” You’re not a sheep. ” (notice how he didn’t bother to answer my question? lol)

Myself:  ” Yes, I am. I’m just another member of the herd. But I’m a member of the herd trying to become a lion that can roam wherever it damn well pleases whenever it damn well wants!! ”

He didn’t respond to my last statement. That was the end of our conversation.

Now, my point in all this isn’t to point out to the rest of the world,

” Boy, I sure showed him!! Aren’t you proud of me? ”

My point is that if you’re an employee like myself and my friend in that conversation is and you claim that no, you’re not one of the  ” sheep ” or a member of the  ” herd “, just remember what the headline of this blog post says.  ‘Cause if you don’t, you’re fooling yourself. If instead of a sheep you refer to yourself as a peacock or elephant or whatever more complimentary animal you choose, if you’re an employee you’re under someone else’s control. And how much $$ you make and where and how you spend the majority of your time is determined by THEM and not by YOU!!


I dedicate this blog post to all my entrepreneurial brothers and sisters in the world who are all striving very hard to become the lions that I referred to. My friend that I had that conversation with the other day is, I suspect, one of the naysayers of the world who laughs at us for chasing our dreams. Don’t EVER let those people affect you!! CARRY ON!!





*** This is a re-posting. The original article can be found here:

  Written by Aaron Rashkin on Jul 18, 2012

I’m writing today’s message as a result of a conversation I just had with …let’s call him “BillyBob” or BB for short.  BB got started with me doing online work from home about 2 years ago.

He was very excited to start making money, quit his job, pay off his bills (mostly credit card debt) and become his own boss.

He told me that he desperately wanted to be at home with his wife and kids more often, to catch up with his declining health, lose some weight, get on a consistent workout program and feel as good as he did when he was in his 40s. Well, BB started out great – shot out of the gates like a cannon.

Went through his start up steps, set up his marketing funnel, was attending LIVE Calls & Webinars each week and even a LIVE event just a couple months after he got started.
Today, a little over 2 years later, BB is in more debt, working more at his job, is still overweight, stressed out and behind in all of his bills. He is not doing what he intended…and he is not successful doing any kind of online work from home.

Where did BB go wrong?


Oh, that’s kinda profane Aaron.

Actually, it stands for Welcome to Facebook!

And that is Reason #1 that BB (and perhaps even you) struggle to make money.

Although Facebook is a great way to network and connect and communicate with people allaround the world, it’s also the #1 Time Waster for most people. Because it’s just way too easy to login, start surfin’ around, look at all your friends pics n’posts and let an hour or two pass you by without doing an ounce of Revenue Producing Activity.

And Revenue Producing Activity is the only activity that will lead to success in your online work from home.

Let’s face it, Facebook is as mindless in most cases as watching Jerry Springer Re-runs from the late 90s. Do this for an hour a day or more and you are no closer to your success than when you started.

Not good.

Quit wasting time worrying about what everyone else is posting. It’s fine for 5 or 10 minutes a day to check out your market, but get off those pics and stupid threads that do nothing more than eat up your time and fill your mind with meaningless clutter.

Reason #2 is far from better.

Ok, so BB gets started, shoots out the gates like a cannon, and discovers that there are over 100 Training Calls & Webinars in our team’s back office. So, he schedules time every day to learn.

Problem is, that’s all he’s doing.  Lots of learning, no implementation.

He now knows about marketing, advertising, traffic, conversions, ad copy, copy writing, list building, email broadcasting, speaking to people and signing them up. The problem is that he knows exactly what to do – he’s just not doing what he knows.

Reasons? Oh so many.

Approach & Avoid.
Fear of success.
Fear or failure.

All of the above, or, perhaps:

Doesn’t want to make a mistake.
Doesn’t believe it will work for him.
Doesn’t feel he deserves success.

Many times, any or all of the above stem from deep seeded emotional issues that would require some personal coaching or counseling to address. But they are reversible if BB is truly ready to start moving in a new direction and find success in his online work from home.

Reason #3 gets worse

So here he is, Marketing Funnel set up, trained on exactly what to do and BOOM – BB decides that his sponsor or mentor or whomever is making the big bucks and has a vested interest in his success, doesn’t want to assist him. Or, BB develops resentment towards people doing well, or jealousy or any type of unhealthy, unresolved anger, because he is not achieving what he set out to do, while others are getting all the recognition and earning life changing income.

Therefore, BB decides not to keep in touch and starts falling off the face of the earth. An island, alone in the Pacific, no contact or communication with those who could truly influence the way he thinks and acts.

HUGE mistake.

Because as soon as he started distancing himself from the pack, he becomes a sitting duck for all sorts of pitfalls.

Just some of these pitfalls include:
- Being the target for other struggling marketers who will attach themselves to him, and pull him under before he can ever come up for air.
- Being the same target for others also in the same bad “place”, who want to mastermind.

Let me be quite blunt here.

Masterminding with a bunch of other struggling business owners might sound like a great idea, but it’s an idea that few, if any have ever recovered from and turned into great success.

Here’s my suggestion. You and your struggling mastermind friends break up your B & C Sessions and just get to work. Because knowing what to do but not doing it is no reason to bitch and complain. You want to bitch and complain, go look in the mirror.

You’ll be staring at both the problem AND the solution.

You want accountability to someone? Start with YOU.

If that’s not good, start producing and gain the respect of your sponsor or mentor or whomever is making your dream income. Do the right things here and they’ll start paying attention to you, mastermind with you and keep you accountable. Change your damn attitude and people will start noticing and paying attention to you.

Plus, masterminding with others not getting results reduces your income potential drastically  because your income is directly correlated to the average of the 5 people’s income that you communicate with and listen to most.

You want to start making money, or more money?

Start producing, get some results using the training already available to you, then, reach out to your mentor or sponsor and let them know what’s happening for you.
You must get focused, stay focused, shut down any distractions, and get to work like your life depends on it – because it sounds like it does.

If you require counseling for your personal issues, seek out a professional or someone who knows how to overcome what you are dealing with or even better – someone who has overcome similar issues to yours and who can assist you in doing the same.

And finally BB, quit running with the turkeys and start soaring with the eagles. It doesn’t take a lot to impress your leaders.  Get to work and you’ll get their time and attention.  Then, stay in touch often and thank them by offering to assist them in an apprentice type role. Perhaps you’ll be able to work with them even more closely.

Who they are, what they do, and why they do it will start making more sense to you.

After all, how much longer do you want to work at the job you hate, making the same amount of money, being fat, out of shape and missing your kids grow up?  I don’t know about you, but there’s gotta be more for you in life than that. I’m a stand for your success – whatever it takes -let’s go do this thing!

I did it and so can you – if you want it badly enough, when you commit to doing what the successful people do and are consistently and persistently wiling to put forth the effort.

Do this, and you will find success in your journey as you work online from home.

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